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5 ways to make remote work feel more human

Are you new to the remote workforce?

I've been working remotely for two years now and I want to share my favorite tools for working collaboratively and creatively from wherever.

Remote working can feel isolating so it's important to make it feel more human. Check out these websites and apps that could help you ease into your new remote lifestyle -- whether it's permanent or a temporary situation.

1. When you can't brainstorm with colleagues in the same room with a whiteboard, try the free version of InVision to share your ideas in real-time.

2. When you want to share your screen but you don't have access to a tool like Microsoft Teams of Skype for Business, try

3. When you can't deliver a thank you card to a coworker, try Ink Cards or SendSay to send a physical card from your phone or computer.

4. When you miss meeting up for coffee or simply meeting up in the office kitchen, try Google Hangouts to have a quick face-to-face chat.

5. When you want to organize weekly tasks with your team, like a kanban board, try Trello.

I wish you the best in your remote work! If you have any other tools you recommend, do let me know.



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